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Thursday, November 26, 2015



How do people express their culture/traditions?
How does the culture and heritage of a country influence its people?
By tattooing, and telling stories about their culture. They do art including things about their heritage.

Final Thoughts:

People express their feeling by Talking about their tattoos And it goes behind everything that People learn.  

The legends they tell, affect us because we read them and begin to think differently. Maori is a different culture and they do stuff that's different to us which makes us want to be them.

Final Thoughts:

Lots of people have different cultures And people enjoy that there's stuff like fire dancing and fire walking and so on.  
How do cultures use art to show who they are?
How has technology changed how people record their stories?
Tattoos that tell stories but are more permanent than by just words. dances also tell stories.

Final Thoughts:

People with Culture experience different things to other people,Lots of people would have tattoos and more.  
Lots of people write stories on laptops instead of writing by hand it is more efficient.

Final Thoughts:

Technology Has changed everyone's
lives like book writers and authors.

What do cultures/people use art for?
What would I like to leave as ‘My Legacy’ How would I like to leave it?
Cultures/People use art for explaining their culture and what they do for a living.

Final Thoughts:

People these days have tattoos all over to be cool or for their culture.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Soccer and Rugby :

Soccer and Rugby :

  1. We should Have soccer goals and rugby posts at our school , I think if we have a cricket pitch then we should ovelsy have soccer goals and rugby posts.
Do you agree with me?

2.    Soccer goals and Rugby posts would be a giant opportunity for everyone at our school, Just think for 10 seconds of your life how happy the school would be with Soccer goals.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Writing Week 7 - Character and Setting Descriptions
WALT: no
To write a vivid and interesting character description, thinking about perspective and imagery.
To use descriptive language to set the scene of the story.

Success Criteria:
  1. Physical attributes and specific descriptions (clothing, hair, manner) that create the desired impression
  2. Intensify images with adjectives
  3. Immediate surroundings of character will help
  4. Character qualities
  5. Movements
  6. Emotions
  7. Use of descriptive language to set the scene

There once was a old man, who loved autumn.

In autumn he racks up all the leafs at the park and then jumps into them it’s like he's trying to act like a kid again.

He was very simple and he loved chess , he is 86 years old one part of him is evil and the other no not so much.

He wears giant shoes like a clown but at least he doesn't wear a red clown nose and a

orange wig , but he does and wear a white top a black tie and a black suit and nice brown shoes.  He has a very high pitched laugh.

He lives in a kind neighborhood but there's not that much people were he lives,on one side of the city is a dark side were everyone steals breaks into houses and on the light side their population is really , they only have 100 people on the good side because most people went to the dark side were they have cookies and the good side don’t.

Everyone on the dark side's favorite game to play is steal everything and on the light side everyone likes to play by themselves like maybe chess, dominoes and so on.       

One day he was walking in the park so he thought he would have a nice game of chess by himself, the old man had to keep on walking side to side to play suddenly  his dark side appeared well he was playing alone.

The poor old man was under so much stress that he Played as he had a heart attack and Old man vader checked his own pulse to see if he might have one to.

Then his dark side old man vader Just sat there and done nothing and had thought for a second old man vader had won, but unfortunately he didn’t , excepted he looked at him and the good old man jedi switches round the wooden chessboard with the force! So that he could win instantly.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


When i look at the door


I see a knob

I twist and turn


Like a Tornado


I think of it like a Bomb

Nuclear bomb:

But really it’s just a Nuclear bomb

Dogo News:

Sweden - World's First Cashless Society?

Learning Intention: To compare and contrast information from an article and understand similarities and differences.

VOCABULARY: (4 new words and their meanings and a sentence)

1.Sophisticated: Means a type of person,ideas and manners.

2.Collaborate: It means to work with one and other.

3.Nordic: It means to be related.

4.Reculent: Struggling in opposition.


Article Comprehension

  1. What is Sweden trying to do? Sweden is trying to have no notes in their country only coins.

  1. List two places in Sweden where cash is no longer welcome.European Country and Sweden

  1. What other countries are following Sweden's lead? U.S

  1. What do you think it would be like if NZ was cashless? Not great at all.


What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in a cashless society.


DISADVANTAGES : You can’t copy the coins but you can copy notes and it will make live not easy.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Youtube speech:
Intro Question:  Have you ever wondered the secrets behind Youtube and the History?

Intro : Hi my name is Keegan and today i am going to talk to you about Youtube history and the secrets behind all of it and some random facts.

Youtube is a Video Sharing online website.
Do you know that Youtube got bought by google for $1.65 billion us dollars,that's a lot of money!

This site allows any users to upload,view and share videos.

The first Youtube video to be created is (Me at the zoo), the video was uploaded on april 23 , 2005 and can still be viewed on the website.

So moving on!

Now i am going to talk about the Growth of Youtube in (2006)

During the summer of 2006, Youtube was one of the fastest growing website one the web, uploading more than 65,000 new videos and delivering 100 million video views per day in july.

Youtube is seeing accelerating growth but there’s compitionshin like Facebook and others in video.


In october 2009,Youtube reached 1 billion video views.

In june 2007,the BBC reported that (in one day),Youtube sends round about 75 billion emails.

Over 1 billion users visit Youtube -each month,Every minute, more than 100 hours of videos are uploaded to Youtube, isn’t that amazing.
The longest video on Youtube ever is 571 hours,1 minute and 41 seconds.

In 2011, 30% of videos on Youtube made up 99% of views on the site.
Youtube’s is the second largest search engine after Google ,bigger than Bing,Yahoo and ask, all combined.

Now you have learnt about Facts of The growth of Youtube in (2006) and random facts you didn't know about i hope you enjoyed my
speech and learnt some new things :

Thanks for listing!


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Speech tips:

Clear voice

Look at the audience

Don’t speed ahead

Don’t say like or um

don’t just talk about one thing.

Be yourself and be exstied

useless word

use hand gestures
repeat what what your gone through so that they remember.

You Only have 3 mins that's not a long time.

Have  some type of laughter or something to engaged the audience.

put a lot of energy into it.

say your whole speech.